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only you --- فقط أنت

بقلم سمية كوري - صحيفة إنسان

What if I told you that you are the only person I could not get past after all this time, a liar who said that days alone are enough to gradually forget the one we love until we get used to his separation, these are just nonsense that has nothing to do with reality,

 I am well aware that the emptiness inside my mind is not natural I can't easily glow I used to glow every time I talk to you, and now I'm almost extinguished, but hope revives me little by little....

 I am full of roughness terrifies me the idea of ​​being soft to the point of missing you until I lay down, I am somewhat average, I miss a lot but I skipped the idea of ​​crying, I always remember you but I don't long to meet you, I write about you a lot but no one knows anything about you except me and some notebooks and pens..  .

 Believe me, my desire is very wild not to tell anyone about you, without you, no one knows who I write because you are well aware that my messages are only for you, my carrier of my heart, and the most beautiful who my eyeballs have seen.

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